Ad Illam


Ad Illam is more than an album, it is an extra-sensory experience, a voyage through a universe of unique colours and sonorities, different works melting into one another as they guide listeners on their musical journey.

Most of the pieces included in Ad Illam – from timeless preludes to lullabies and a sonata – are either dedicated to or written by women, and together they help us explore the different facets of the feminine personality. With their tonal and formal connections, these musical gems portray the woman as companion and muse (the preludes by Chopin and Ravel), mother (the lullabies by Chopin and Demestre), teacher (Nadia Boulanger), role model (Lili Boulanger), sensual being (Piazzolla’s preludes) and, finally, liberated individual (the works by Gómez and Ginastera)

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